From July 10, 2022:
We are obliged to block payments via Master Card / Visa and Paypal.

80 % payments are fraudulent payments, which cause serious problems for our cash flow because:

  • A minimum administration fee of €15 is charged to EmailRoot when a payment is fraudulent
  • We lose the money from our sale, because the amount is quarantined by Stripe (for example)
  • We waste labor time for installation by our technician.
  • We lose a server and the dedicated IP address, configured by a technician (because delivered to the customer)
  • We lose access to our payment platform.
  • We are losing legitimacy in relation to our bank.

In short, we lose a lot for every sale paid for by a customer using a stolen or fraudulent credit card.
This is why we are now sadly obliged to only accept payments via cryptocurrency.

Our service is becoming more and more well-known and our entire team is proud of the evolution of EmailRoot. We know we will lose sales and credibility if we refuse traditional online payments like Visa/MasterCard, but we can no longer afford to lose money every day to fraudulent payments. Please make your payment via cryptocurrency.

Thank you for understanding.



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