SMTP: the mail server you need!

Traditional email service limits the number of emails that can be sent, which does not make it easy for companies sending a huge number of emails per day. Fortunately, our email server can reach several thousand recipients simultaneouslybut not only! Discover the main advantages of this server SMTP in the routing of your emails.

The SMTP server pricing depends on the option you subscribe to.
The features you will have access to will therefore vary depending on whether you choose shared SMTP or Dedicated SMTP.

For the moment the EXPRESS delivery option is free (instead of 20€)
Allows to receive the server in maximum 15 minutes
Order now! The offer is temporary

1 x IP address

Limit emails sent

Max. size per email

Language of technical support

Standard set-up time

SMTP traffic log (sent emails, errors, tests, etc.)

Bind 5 to 50 IP addresses to the server

Priority technical support

Customizable host name (*)



SSL Certificate / Port 465

Access via API

SMTP access (Host/user/pass)

Anonymous purchase


15 €
/ Month
Quick set up
No obligation to renew


30.000 / Month

2 Mb




29 €
/ Month
Quick set up
No obligation to renew





Max 90 Minutes (24h / 24)


290 €
/ Year
Quick set up
No obligation to renew





Max 90 Minutes (24h / 24)

What will I receive after ordering?

An email with the access to your dedicated SMTP server: Host, IP address, username and password as well as the port to use via your favorite email client or via a script. Also, we provide a KEY API linked to your server allowing you to send emails via HTTPS requests. A link from follow-up of your installation is also communicated to allow you to follow in real time the evolution of the installation of your dedicated server.

From 1 to 50 dedicated IP addresses for your server

Each server is delivered by default with a dedicated IP address.
Depending on your needs you can choose to have up to 50 dedicated IP addresses linked to your server
(choice to be made when confirming your cart)

Features and benefits of dedicated SMTP

The transmission of a multitude of emails is now possible thanks to our SMTP mail server. It is an effective solution to distribute all your information campaigns and newsletters to all your e-mail contacts, however numerous they may be. Everything happens in one click and from the famous SMTP server.

Several advantages are thus linked to the use of the mail server Dedicated SMTP. The three majors are:

  • Speed : Unlike the traditional messaging system that sends messages one by one, our mail server saves you time. In other words, it helps you reach all your contacts instantly. This is very convenient if you have a long list of email addresses and a lot of outgoing mail.
  • Protection against spammers : our mail servers are safe from malicious people who send spam or unwanted emails. To ensure that our customers' emails do not end up on any blacklist due to spam filters, we create their own personalized IP address associated with their server. This way, multiple users can never share the same server. And for added security, we only offer paid accounts.
  • More options : you receive a default hostname that looks like this: But, the option "customizable hostname (*)" accessible with the dedicated SMTP, allows you to change it by: Better still, you decide what host name will be displayed when you want to connect to the server.
  • A visual on the actions: you have a real time access to the history (log) of the actions carried out with your SMTP server directly via your customer account and in a secure way.

Do you have any questions?

Yes, for each order, a new server is mounted with a new IP address never used.
Your future server is mounted and configured manually by a technician in order to guarantee an optimal configuration.

An SSL certificate is included in the price, allowing a connection via port 465
Yes, via your client interface, a button allows you to view the last X emails sent as well as possible errors and other information related to the flow of your SMTP server
You will receive a tracking number to follow the progress of your server installation.
Then, as soon as the server is fully configured you will receive an e-mail with the accesses to your server.
These accesses are also available via your user account.
Yes, the delivery of SMTP servers is available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year and within the announced time.
Yes, and the more your server is used, the better your IP address will be rated on the network.
NO! No hidden fees, no surprises.
There are non-mandatory options and supplements but these are all visible before the confirmation of your basket.
Basically, it takes a maximum of 90 minutes to set up a server, test it and make the accesses available.
Attention we have an option to have the accesses almost instantaneously (option to see in the basket)
Yes, for dedicated SMTP servers, you are the only one responsible for the traffic, we do not impose any limit.
There are no size limits per email sent, there are no limits on the number of emails sent per month.
No, no restrictions, we are open to all nationalities.
Yes, we provide technical support available 7 days a week via email.
Technical support is available in English and French.
Yes, you can, even with the same email address, rent several SMTP servers.
The list of your servers and their information is always available via your user account.
Yes! There are no restrictions, you can use the accesses that you will receive directly in your favorite mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple iPhone, Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo, or any other program). Both on computer but also on any type of mobile. Or any operating system.

An efficient control panel

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